Every Brightbill driver is well trained in vehicle inspections. Pre-trip inspections are conducted prior to every route to ensure the vehicle is safe and ready for passengers. Post trip inspections are conducted after every route to ensure all students have disembarked and have left no personal items behind.


Safety is the most important mission of Brightbill Transportation, Inc. We pride ourselves on having one of the most comprehensive on-going safety programs in our industry. Everything we do begins with safety. Our innovative safety program includes:

  • Customized Pre-employment screening
  • New Driver Training which exceeds State Certification Standards
  • Defensive Driver Training
  • On-going driver evaluations for all of our drivers
  • On-going safety training programs at each facility
  • A Safety Committee which reviews and creates new or distinctive safety guidelines
  • An Accident Review Board which analyzes data and promotes safe driving practices

Safety is always on our mind…….

At Brightbill, safety is always on our mind. Our safety standards are high. Every school bus driver receives safety training that meets or exceeds state and federal requirements, but we don’t stop there. Brightbill provides its drivers and supervisors’safety training regularly on a variety of safety topics, from railroad grade crossings to defensive driving techniques to skills training to student discipline and interaction training.  Safety on board our buses with your children is our primary focus.

Safety is a team commitment!

Safe school bus transportation is a team commitment. At Brightbill, our safety training extends to; school bus drivers, aides, mechanics, dispatchers, supervisors, and others. In addition, our supervisors work closely with school districts, parents and caregivers, and those we transport to teach and communicate safety.


Employment screening for safety…

Safety at Brightbill begins for us during our pre-employment screening process. Every candidate for hire is carefully interviewed using our customized approach.  Additionally, each applicant must pass a criminal history check, motor vehicle records review, drug screen and pass a medical exam.  We continually monitor all of our drivers to ensure they have current Pennsylvania certifications and up to date credentials. As part of our on-going safety program we provide additional training and assistance for our drivers and exceed state driver recertification standards.